Friday, May 22, 2009

I'm glad I live in Texas!

Texas is rich in history and full of intriguing, caring people who share our same sentiment. Everybody has a smile on their lips, and with a tip of the hat, you know that you're treated as family.

From the hard workers in the oil fields of west Texas to the generous people who put on fundraisers in River Oaks. From the artsy eclectic in Austin to the pickup truck beer drinking nascar fans, from the Aggies to the Longhorns, we have a big state with a big heart and fantastic people.

I have several reasons why I love being here. To name one, the weather. Yep, it gets too hot (sometimes) during summer but we do have the most wonderful winter over here, I mean the best winter, hehe~ :-) Ya gotta come visit Texas if you haven't yet. Excuse us for the hurricanes though, nothing we can do about it, lol~.

But, why am I really glad I live in Texas? Because the worst drivers don't live in Texas, based on the article I've read. And here's the article <---- click here.

Thank God it's Friday. Have a good weekend y'all!!!

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