Saturday, October 18, 2008

Shop! Shop! Shop!

A couple of months ago, a very good friend of mine went to Hong Kong to visit her husband. He had his some kind of training for his job at their main branch office. And guess what was the first thing she told me when she came back home? Hong Kong is a good place to shop! She really had a good time and enjoyed herself. Nice to be at the place just to go shopping huh! That's something to think about IF we ever get to HongKong. LOL.

But I tell you, to be able to shop online from the comfort of our own home is much easier than falling in line in the middle of crowd. And that's what I do most of the time, especially if I find good deals and coupons on the site. It's just more convenient for the entire family, you know.

Most of the online stores these days offers very low shipping. Sometime when you purchase a good amount from the site, you can get free shipping too! It's just like shopping in the store but avoiding the crowd and grouchy cashiers and customer service too, stuff like that. Definitely no sweating! That's a big plus.

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