Tuesday, September 30, 2008

After so many days...

....... of not having time to visit my blog nor making new posts in these last few weeks, then hurricane IKE came and visited Houston and Galveston for a day - left a big mess around the area, here I am, back on track, lol.

I'm still not fully recovered though coz our yard still look like World War. But thankful enough to Him that our house wasn't affected by IKE, didin't flood either.

I'll try to find time to gather some pictures I took during the hurricane. For the meantime, I need some sleep. My eyes is so tired, lil sore and our bed is calling my attention. So, I better hop in now so I get more energy when I go to work tonight. I have to wake up a little early too and do some laundry (haven't done any since the day before IKE, lol.)

Have a good day everyone!

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