Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ultrasound Technician

For me, to be in a medical field profession is security. Job opportunities are never ending, anywhere in the world. I never wanted to be one but I always have a heart to help other people especially the elders and infants. So, I decided to join the community a year after I arrived in the US, to be in the medical field.

Career education encompasses the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes through a planned program of learning experiences in education and training settings that will assist individual to make informed decisions about work and study options and enable to participate effectively in working life. It focuses on the application of skills and content area information necessary to cope with the problems of daily life, independent living, and vocational areas of interest.

I am very interested about ultrasound. It is a diagnostic medical procedure that uses high-frequency sound waves to produce dynamic visual images of organs, tissues or blood flow inside the body. I took EKG class and it just amazes me how people's heart is working. From then on, I have been wanting to learn everything including how a human form inside a woman's body and how it used in medicine to view internal organs of the body. I am sure there are lots of ultrasound schools around the US. And I am looking forward to find a good one closer to where I live.

I believe, to be a student of one of the ultrasound schools is very fulfilling and rewarding. As technology improves, specific ultra-sound training is important for anyone seriously considering a long-term career as an ultrasound technician.

After so many days...

....... of not having time to visit my blog nor making new posts in these last few weeks, then hurricane IKE came and visited Houston and Galveston for a day - left a big mess around the area, here I am, back on track, lol.

I'm still not fully recovered though coz our yard still look like World War. But thankful enough to Him that our house wasn't affected by IKE, didin't flood either.

I'll try to find time to gather some pictures I took during the hurricane. For the meantime, I need some sleep. My eyes is so tired, lil sore and our bed is calling my attention. So, I better hop in now so I get more energy when I go to work tonight. I have to wake up a little early too and do some laundry (haven't done any since the day before IKE, lol.)

Have a good day everyone!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Mumps (Infections Parotitis)

Mumps is an acute viral disease that may include myalgia, anorexia, malaise, headache, low grade fever, and parotid gland tenderness and unilateral or bilateral swelling, although many other organs can be involved.

Mumps is a caused by paramyxovirus transmitted in saliva droplets or direct contact. The virus lives in the saliva six to nine days before the parotid gland swelling. The highest communicable period is 48 hours before the onset of swelling but continue until swelling is decreased. Incubation period ranges from 14 to 25 days.

During the incubation period, the virus invades the salivary glands which cause tissue edema and infiltration of lymphocytes. Degeneration of cells in the glandular tissue produces necrotic debris that plugs the ducts.

Local Courts

Have you ever found a local court record where you can search online for free and the one that you can trust? I do, I just found it.

Court Record search tool by putting the persons name, city, and state into the form of their website to begin your search. They will search their comprehensive database for all the information they can find on that individual and report it back to you. Their database sorts through all the following files: Criminal Court Records, Nationwide Arrest & Court Warrants, Nationwide Civil & Federal Judgments, Past & Current Court Trial Dates, Prison Incarceration Files & Releases, Misdemeanors, Sex Offenses, & Parolees Jails, Courts, & Sheriff’s Records, Arrest Records & Mugshots, Historical Newpaper Archives, Birth, Marriage & Death Records plus much more. I find all the information of this website very helpful especially nowadays, the world is getting crazier. It's always nice to know what kind of people you're dealing with in everyday life.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Friday night, working...

I don't wish to work but I have to. Gotta do some extra nights so I have a little extra to spend to buy me something I really really like, lol. It's not that I "need" it, so I'm not gonna work hard for it either. I'll just try, hehe.

Oh, anybody plays piano out there? I'd like to do it again. I've had a lesson before but I stopped when I went to college. Now, I have a little time to do it. So, we'll see if I still going to learn, lol.

Phone Look-up

There are many reasons one would want to do a phone lookup. Most often someone got a call from a phone # that they don't recognize and want to find out "WHO JUST CALLED THEM?".

Phone Lookup Scan offer the perfect service for that and give you full owner information on any type of cell phone number. This can get anyone detailed information on any phone number in any state and in any area code. Another reason someone may do a reverse phone lookup is because they got a prank call and really want to find out WHO just prank called them. Once again, they have that! Just insert a phone number to get more information.

Fall Season is coming...

Yey!! One of my favorite seasons of the year is coming soon. =) I can't wait...

It was so nice out today! I could feel a little cold air blowing on me even though it was a cloudless, sunny day. We did go out for lunch today at Chick Fil-A, one of our favorite place to eat. They have superb waffle fries, hhmm..

Opppss, gotta take care of my laundry.. I'll be right back, folks!

Have a nice friday evening, everyone. =)

Court Records

I find this very helpful to any of us, who are concern about this matter. Hope it helps.

All the informatoin in the public court records come from all over the United States. The website have compiled a complete bankruptcy records, criminal records, family court records and more. Everybody will absolutely find just the information we are going to look for. Best of all, they make it so we get what we want fast, easy and affordable. Whether its a arrest search, warrant search or arrest lookup we are performing, they got the info we need. They have not sacrificed any measures in their attempt to offer everyone the most accurate and up to date court records from all over the US.

Guitar Case Shopping

My husband and I went to the music store today to buy the case for the guitar we bought a few months ago. It needs to be wrapped to go somewhere, far east of the world, lol. =)

I'm very excited and looking forward for our visit back home. The days are passing by so quickly, you believe that? It seemed like January was just here yesterday. And now the year is almost closing again. Wow!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Good to be home from work

I haven't had a good sleep yesterday and had to go to work at night. I was so tired and so sleepy at work.

But I managed to stay awake and did my job. Me and some of my co-workers were in the room where we clock-in/clock-out, waiting for the time to go home. When 6:00 o'clock in the morning came, I was the first one to punched out. =) Hurried to get in the car and just be home.

Thank God for keeping me safe always.

I will read a news for a little while before taking a shower, so I can take my beauty sleep.

May everyone have a good Thursday today.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sexual Predators

Hi y'all!! How's everybody doing tonight? I wanted to share this site that I found for us to know how many sexual predators in our neighborhood. Do you know how many in your area?

I believe that we have to protect ourselves and our family from sexual predators! On this web site, you'll get access to a list of sexual predators in the U.S., and can obtain detailed reports of sexual predators in your state, county, or city. Subscribe now and locate sexual predators that are in your immediate area. Be aware of the dangers that exist. Get the information you need to protect you family now.

We all have to know about Megan's Law also. It is a federal bill that requires the public to be kept informed of sexual predators and their whereabouts. Available information about sexual predators includes name, picture, address and nature of crime, and more.

Better safe than sorry..