Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pre-meeting with Aegis Band

I was fixing to go to the Filipino Store about lunch time today, to buy some ice cream; selecta brand. While dressing up, I got a call from a friend telling me that the Aegis Band would be at that store, to sign autographs and stuff. So, I hurried and off I went. :-)

I wanted to meet Aegis in person long time ago but I haven't got any chance. And today was my chance and tomorrow would be another. *smile* Believe it or not, I've been watching their videos and listening to their songs all these time. Never get tired of doing so.

If you just know how excited I am to watch their concert tomorrow. I can't wait! To hear them singing live, in front of me, would be my pleasure. So, I hope Thursday will be over soon, lol.

Here are some pictures I had with them today:

*Picture removed for security purposes*

w/ Weng - the base guitarist, Stella - the pianist and Vilma - the drummer. I haven't got one with Ray - the lead guitarist coz he was busy laughing out loud with some pinoys, lol. I'll make sure to have one with him tomorrow after the concert. :-)

*Picture removed for security purposes*

w/ Mercy - the lead vocalist. "LUHA" is one of her original version. I never thought this two sisters (Mercy & Juliet) are very petite. I mean petite!
*Picture removed for security purposes*

w/ Juliet - the lead vocalist. I like her so much! :-) She's really fun to be with. "HALIK" is one of her original version.


Borneo Falcon said...

All the beautiful girls

Tess said...

da oy! kalami ba nimo, paibog man ka diha, hahaha! ka guapa sa akong miga ba!

Anonymous said...

Please ask them when they are coming to Forida and WHERE. I hear they are going to be here but it's so hard to get info sometimes until it's too late

Pangit said...

Hi Anonymous!

Would you mind if I ask who you are, please? I'd love to know you, trust me! I'm open to make friends with anybody.

To your inquiry, here's my answer:

-Sep 13, Julius Littman Theater, Miami, FL

-Sep 19, Pensacola H.S. Aud, Pensacola, FL

Anonymous said...

TErrrrrrrrrrrrrr, matay grabe man jud posing nimo uy with them. mura pod ug member ka sa ilang grupo the Aegis. Wish nga naka adto sab ko kay ako pod mahimamat ang atong mga sikat nga kababayan. fave na sa akong neice nga si Honey. pa kodak pa jud ter kay ako ra bisitahan na diri. sa wakas naka bisita rajud ko diri sa imong mansion.

Mama's said...

Agoy.... akong friendship pag ka gwapa oi murag artista man pud. Friendship, I like "Halik" too. Anyway, happy weekend and enjoy ur concert. ha ha ha joke lang!

Unknown said...

hello there! cool ha! kaya pala wala na sila dito sa manila kasi nag totour pala sila abroad! galing naman! magaling talaga yung band nila. enjoy the concert! :)

Anonymous said...

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Chubskulit Rose said...

wow naman, ur lucky hehehe.. my husband is very fond of AEGIS...

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thank you!

Nanaybelen said...

wow! galing. nakapagpa-picture ka pa sa kanila. parang kamukha mo sila.

Ilocana said...

Hmm, I agree with Nay Belen, medyo hawig mo nga sila.. Mga Beauties!..
You're so lucky naman, as in nakasama mo talaga sila..