Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Digital Picture Frame

I've been wanting to get a digital picture frame for my family. I want specifically the 10 inch digital frame. Unlike the traditional photo album, digital picture frame lets you enjoy more of your photos on a daily basis. Can you imagine having a few hundred images from your photo collection in a never-ending slideshow with music background on your bedside table, mantelpiece, office desk or even on the wall? I think it's pretty cool and I believe it is the easiest way to show your digital camera images, plays music and video files without a computer. I like the idea myself that we can load memory cards to change the pictures.

digital picture frame

Most digital picture frames comes with remote control, manual and AC adapter. It also has built in internal speakers so we don't need to purchase a separate speakers. I've seen some of my relatives displaying their digital frame on the kitchen wall and I learned you can display photos either horizontally or vertically. You can load your digital camera's memory card with photos and watch the slide show while preparing or cooking dinner. That is one of the reasons I'd like to get one for my family. And I'm excited to set it up myself. =)

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