Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Been busy lately

Wow! It's been a long time since I posted my last blog. I've been very busy lately finding good deal tickets for our trip soon, working at nights (I'm still doing graveyard shift), doing household chores and of course busy taking beauty sleep during the day, lol. I gotta have some sleep for my night's duty at work, ya know! :-)

I hope everyone are doing fine and in good health. I will try to find time to visit everybody's blog whenever I get a chance.

In continuation to my last post about AEGIS, I sure did have fun at their concert a day after my pre-meeting with them. I posted some videos I took that night which can be found here. And I managed to have a picture taken with their lead guitarist, my very own kababayan - Mr. Rey Abenoja.
*Picture removed for security purposes*

And another one with Juliet and Mercy - the lead vocalists of Aegis along with my good friend Marie - the emcee of the night. To watch them singing live that night, was worth it. I really enjoyed the event, Juliet knows how to entertain the audience. Never did I have dull moment on their concert night.
*Picture removed for security purposes*

I was very glad to have met the Aegis Band finally. It seemed like we've already known each other before. Maybe because they speak the same dialect as I do and we all came from the same Island in Mindanao? I think so... That makes sense huh!

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