Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Pacquiao Knockout Diaz

Pride of the Philippines, yes! We got it right! :-) I wish I was there at the event. By the fourth round, the fight quickly turned into target practice for Pacquiao, and by the seventh, it became abundantly clear that Diaz was entirely out of his league as the bout became progressively less competitive. The fact that Pac Man looked so sensational against a champion in his lightweight debut is an absolute marvel. Indeed, he looked better than ever, appearing even quicker and more powerful than he had in any of his previous contests. In the ninth stanza, Pacquiao unleashed a right hook followed by a short left hand which finally closed the show as Diaz came crashing down face-first onto the canvas with a booming thud.

I feel sorry for Diaz but it's a fight. And of course I'm on my pride. Good job, Manny dear! You are dearly loved by all Filipinos around the world.
Hurray! For ya! :-)

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The Sweet Life said...

yey to manny pacquiao!!! mabuhay ang pilipino! mabuhay ang Pilipinas!