Friday, July 18, 2008

Movie Time

My co-workers and I had a movie date today. In fact, we watched two movies at the Cinemark Movies 12, which is located inside the mall. We all agreed to see the first one at about 12:15 lunch time and the other one at 5:05pm. But things happens and we weren't able to reach at the place early enough to purchase the Dark Night's ticket for 12:15pm. It was sold out already! I heard it's a huge movie and everybody wanted to watch it. So we had to adjust the time to watch the other movie.

We decided to buy our tickets for 2:25pm (Mamma Mia) and 6:30pm (The Dark Night) instead. While waiting for the time, we wandered around the mall, did little shopping, got chili & cheese fries for a snack. I found a cute blazer which was on sale so I went ahead and bought it.

Then came Mamma Mia time! I had a blast with this one, lol. I would say it's a comedy, romantic and one of a kind movie. That movie runs about an hour and 48mins. And I'm not going to tell y'all by details about it coz I want you to see it too! :-) Maybe you can tell me later huh! *grin*

After then, everybody agreed to go to a restaurant and have a little drink and food before 6:30 came. I was busy chit-chatting and only captured very little photo shots. And below was one of 'em. Took our time and had a good laugh.

6:01pm - we headed back to the mall and went straight to the theatre. Sit ourselves comfortably and ready for The Dark Night. Boy it was fabulous, I tell ya! This runs about 2hrs and 32 mins. movie. There was no moment that I didin't enjoy to see. I'm looking forward to see the next part of a Batman movie.

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