Saturday, July 5, 2008

Cloudy Saturday

I wish we got this weather today for yesterday, for The Fourth. It wasn't as fun as it could have, unfortunately. The rain was pouring almost the whole day and we ended up staying at one of our friend's house and didin't go to my brother's house because there was 60% of rain at their place. We'll just do the family gathering next time, hopefully next weekend if the weather will cooperate.

Anyhow, I enjoyed celebrating our Fourth yesterday. We stayed outside in the rain for a short time while waiting for the food. I didin't get that much chance to take pictures of all our food because the moment I realized I should take picture of it, we were almost done eating, lol.

But I was able to take picture of our spare ribs before it went to the oven for final cooking. :-)

And our fruit tart after we ate and slept for an hour while waiting for it, lol.

On the other hand, I am happy we have a very nice cloudy saturday today. It would have been perfect for garage sale-ing, but I woke up so late to do that. So, good luck next time, Sharz!

It's also a perfect day to do laundry anyway, haha! So, I guess it's better to stay home then, my day would still be productive if I do little cleaning here and there and laundry and iron them later.

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b3arh0ney said...

gisapot jud ko atong 4th of july ba kay gacge ra ulan tibook semana di ko kalaag og taman, haha! lami mani imong pics oi. laway noon ko, haha! thanks for sharing.