Sunday, July 20, 2008

Cabinet Grand Piano

After I got home from church worship service today, my husband and I went to the west side of town to purchase this grand cabinet antique piano from a family that were going to move overseas, going back to Norway in fact. So they have to sell everything in the house.

We could have purchased their very beautiful dining table but with the place we're on right now, there would be nowhere to put it. So, we went to this family's house somewhere in Katy, where my husband formerly have lived. We met this wonderful Norwegian family. Well, the wife is American but she speaks Norwegian language very fluently and in correct grammar. My husband speaks basic German so they talked about the places where he'd been. Wish I know how to speak the language too, lol! Maybe one day? Hmm, not sure about that, lol.

Anyway, we were so impressed with the antique piano when we saw it at their house.
It's more beautiful than it was in the picture.
It was build in 1921.
Very beautiful cabinet grand. They said, they bought it from a family back in 2006.
It's very well taken care of and in very good condition, plays well too.

So now, hubby has one grand and a small portable keyboard. He'd better play more songs that I like, lol. Good that we both like Elton John and more oldies songs, so we're in good shape, I think. :-)


Anonymous said...

wow!!! that's a very elegant purchase. I've always wanted to learn how to play the piano but I never had the time, don't think I ever will.

Pangit said...

I studied how to play before when I was in high school, but I had to stop when I went to college. Was too busy to do both.

Now I don't know how to play anymore. I might start learning again, in due time. :)