Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Bodyguard

Is the new addition to my favorite movie lists. Whew! I was full of fear watching the thrill and scary part. Hubby was complaining because I didin't even notice that the sound was too loud, that made him come out of our computer room and tell me to lower the volume down, lol.
The Bodyguard has it all: Suspense. Thrills. Romance. Peril. Passion. It's a good movie, worth seeing for.
So, after watching it, I told my Frank Farmer (my dearly beloved husband, hehe!), that I don't wanna be famous, I don't wanna be rich, I don't want to be somebody that makes someone try to do things that are not suppose to happen. Ang guess what? He just laughed at me like crazy and said, "It's just a movie, Darling". So I told him, "I know but it happens in real life, doesn't it?" Right y'all? Sure, it does. I'm not saying I'll be famous or something. I just got carried away with the movie, LOL! So, blame it on The Bodyguard.
I don't mind watching it again in the theatre with my girlfriends. Just gimme a hollar, hehe.
I Will Always Love You and I Have Nothing are one of my favorite songs, too!
And now I'm sleepy and ready to take my beauty sleep before my night shift job comes.
Have a nice Tuesday afternoon, everyone!

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Borneo Falcon said...

Guess we have something in common. It might be an old movie but I also enjoy that movie. I have a DVD collection for that movie