Thursday, July 17, 2008

I signed up for PPP

Yes, I did! I was approved by PPP on the 14th, yey! Honestly, I didin't know that I was approved because I haven't checked my mail for a few days now and I just learned that my blog is approved by 3p! Oh my God, I am so happy, very very happy. I heard about it from a friend (thank you, dear Marlet) in Hawaii who is already a member and making extra money. I am happy to know PPP because I already have made several friends since I join and hopefully gain more in the future. I am very excited to see what 3P has in store for me. Now, I really have to work on my blogging thing, because this time, I know and feel that 3P has something for every individual and I'm one of those. I'll try my best to work with you, 3P as efficient as I can be. I'm glad I'm part of your network now.

Extra income has always been good no matter what. Especially if you're planning something big, any little extra is sure a big help. In fact, I'm hoping I can get as many opportunities as I can.
I would love to see having a piece of land in the future with house built on with PPP being part of it. Don't you want the same thing? I bet you do. Time for a blog workout now, hehe.
Thank you PPP for approving my site. I sincerely thanks to y'all.


Mayumie said...

wow..congrats sis.. more opps to come. enjoy your day.

Visit me sometimes if you have time :-) godbless

Anonymous said...

Ur welcome friendship. I'm happy to know that ur approved now. Well, welcome to the 3P community. Oh yeah, i just check ur 3p opps that u posted. Take note sister bisaya lang ko ha kay para di sabtan. hahaha Kada post nimo ug opps ayaw kalimot ug butang alternate na non-sponsored post tawon kay denied na nila sister. Hala kanang imong duha ka post diha pang inserte na dayon mentras wala pa nila check oi.