Saturday, June 21, 2008

Very good brunch!

Got up about 11am today, hopped in the shower, put pj's on and went straight to the kitchen to prepare our breakfast-lunch food. Hubby was there helping me. In fact, it's his idea about the potato salad as our side dish.

So, he went to the store and got some items we needed for our brunch. We were helping each other even rinsing the kitchewares to put into the dishwasher. While it was running, he grilled the sausage and shrimp and potato salad is in the fridge, waiting for us.

I took the pic after we ate, so there's not that much left, lol!

And here's our good iced tea, especially made by my husband, with so much love in it, lol!

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Danah said...

wow, that looks yummy. i have a good appetite too, you know. have a great day!