Saturday, June 21, 2008

Uh oh!

What is that thunder and lightning I just heard? Oh my, it's getting louder and louder. Looks like it won't be a good evening tonight. Am sure it's gonna pour real soon. But we're home, so I think that's ok, lol.

I hope everybody has a good saturday. I really didin't do much today. I wanted to go to garage sale-ing but I woke up so late in the day so I guess I will just do it next week, if times and weather permits. There's some good stuff you can find at estate sales ya know!

A lil update about my bangs, my forehead still itch, trust me! But on the other hand, pimples are gone, yey!

Oppsy, got a call from my sister in law, gotta end this folks. Thank you for reading.

Bye y'all!

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