Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sad movies, always make me cry.....

"He said he had to work, so I went to the show alone.
They turn down the lights and turned the projector on.
And as of the news of the world started to begin,...." :-)

I'd love to sing that song, hehe!

But anyway, I'm not talking about movies here now. Hmm I'll take it back. Our lives seem like a movie, don't they? Sometimes, it really is true though, some movies are a reflection of someone's life. Too bad to those who watch sad movies and just cry coz they know how it feels by way of experiencing it to theirselves. Life is a constant change and those changes sometimes occurs in a very steep situation which makes us don't wanna go down any longer and just stop completely of what we're doing. I hate it when times of trouble comes but hey, it's what life is, right? We just need to be strong enough to struggle and do the best we possibly can.

I do hope everyone has a good movie. I have both, hehe!
Alright, gotta go to work now. Bye y'all!!

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