Monday, June 9, 2008

Quick one for today

I got good compliments about my new hair cut from the office today. They said, "it's cute!", "you look younger", and some are like "oh... I like it a lot!", LOL! But in my graveyard shift job, two of my co-workers said, I look more mature (which is good, hehe! ya know I've been wishing to reach 30, right?) and they like it too.

But anyway, I'm still not comfortable about my new look. It sure itch up there, hehe! Feel so strange when I look up. I'm working on getting use to it, so we'll see! :-)

Exchanging Links

I am willing to exchange links to anybody who would like to add my blog to theirs. Please just leave me a msg in my cbox that you've done it, so I can add you to mine also. Especially to my fellow filipinos, I'd love y'all to be on my lists and hopefully we can bond something other than just being blogging friends. I don't have that much time during work week, but I sure do have some on the weekends. My yahoo id is posted in my full profile, just add it if you like and leave me a msg.

Now, I gotta get some sleep for my night shift job. Thanks for reading everyone!
Have a happy Monday! :-)

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