Thursday, June 26, 2008

Popsicles with cream

Hubby was on the way to the store when I called him from the office while fixing to get off work. So, I asked him if he can get me a popsicle with cream, lol. He said that it was already on his list, hehe. I never really want to eat pop till one day at a friend's house, I was tempted to eat one. It's quite ok, nothing fancy about it, lol. And my friends says popsi with cream is much better. So, this will be my first time to eat popsi with cream and I'm excited about it, hehe! Hmmm!

But I gotta clean the kitchen first before I'll eat that and I wanna do it now before I become sleepy, ya know I need my beauty sleep before my night shift job, right? :-)

So, I'll be right back then.

Have a wonderful afternoon everyone!


b3arh0ney said...

the cream part sounds good, haha! what kind of popsicle is that Sharz? can u show a pic? i'd love to try one, hehe!

Pangit said...

Hi Riss, hehehe! It's a Blue Bell brand. Lamia jud kaayo diay, promise! :D Ning tagaw ta aning popsi oi, haha!

b3arh0ney said...

ah mao diay na. murag lami bitaw tan-awon, hehe! fruity or chocolate ra man akong ginapalit. la pa ko katry ana. sayang da bago ra ko abot gikan grocery wala pod nako gichk ang popsi cream, haha! sunod nalang. thanks for sharing the pic. maadik gani ko ani ikaw jud sisihon nako, lol!