Sunday, June 22, 2008

Just got home

Remember I had a call from my sister in law earlier? They were at our family friend's house and wanted us to come over to join while they're there. I have not seen my brother & sister in law for a few months now so we went ahead and joined them. We are too busy in our own lives that we have no time to get together these days. But we'll sure do that again pretty soon. We just need to wait a little more time till everybody's not so busy.

I like hanging out with my family here in the States. We are so close to each other. And oh! I was able to see my nephew today too. He's a very good kid and respect his elders. I've heard he's now into a music band too, just like his father and uncle (my hubby) and his aunties (my sis in law and yours truly). Music is part of my life and so with my family. We all love music. We have guitarist, pianist, singer, drummer. So hopefully, my family and hubby's family will get together one day in the Philippines. Everybody is saving so we all can go. Hopefully sooner than we've planned.

Eww, didin't realize the time. Gotta hop on the bed now coz I have to go to church' service tomorrow. It's a little long drive so I have to be really sleeping by now.

Goodnight everyone! Oppss, it's early morning now. Hmm, 2:21am, so I think it's really morning. LOL! Good morning then! :-)

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