Sunday, June 22, 2008

Happy Sunday y'all!

It was 7:10 in the morning when I got up today, had to get ready for church service. I already had my clothes and shoes ready last night. So I just took a shower, put a lil make up on, dressed and combed hair, grabbed car key and off I went.

No traffic going there today, everything was smooth and everybody drove very carefully. Arrived at the church about 20mins. early so I had time to listen more to the news before going in. I had a wonderful time in service, of course! I find it comforting and free from anything when I'm listening to the words of God. It's where I got my strength and courage, ya know. It's part of my life to always go to church ever since I was born.

Driving home was smooth in the first, maybe I would say 10-15mins on the Interstate but people got crazy. And trucks are everywhere and they're not staying on their own lane. God, I hate those drivers like that. Zigzag driving is very dangerous, trust me! Not to mention they're driving very big trucks, I mean ten wheelers. And it's not good to stay beside those kind of driver too, you'll be in pain, annoyed and probably ends up in an accident, which of course not good at all. Some are very smart of NOT using the blinker, thanks! Thank you for the signal, id**t! It's very annoying when people don't use the signal light though it doesn't really take time to hit it so the people behind you knows you're changing/turning, ya know!

Oh well, I can't complain more than that. Coz I know you'll find those everywhere anyway. I just stay focus, relax and observant when I'm driving.

I got home safely and I thank God for that. Hubby had the food ready for us, so I just changed clothes and ate, yey! See why I love my husband more than anybody else? lol! We did laundry together by the way after we ate. And I'll do more a little later today.

Right now, I have to do some sort of manual scrapbooking and send it off to my sweetie Jeanette in Denmark. (I'm sorry dear, Ate Sha has been really busy in this last few weeks.) But you'll get it, ok? I have to make it nicer than it supposed to. :)

Okie dokie, time for me to get off here and do some stuff offline.
I'll catch y'all up later. Happy Sunday everyone!

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