Monday, June 23, 2008

Shopped for Sony

Yesterday, Sunday afternoon after we ate, I was looking some electronics for sale on the web, just for something to do, you know. And I saw this modern Sony Surround Receiver, 500watt. So, I showed it to my husband, knowing as a wife that he likes this kind of stuff. He was pretty much interested about it so I emailed the guy to see if the item is still available. And sure it was, and he talked to the guy on the phone and I just heard "Ok, my wife and I will be on the road in about 5-10mins". I was like, going where? :) He said, to Sugarland to get the item.

And I like to go driving with my husband, especially if it's a long drive. Since I already took my shower in the morning before the church' service, I just changed clothes and hopped in the car. We ate dinner there too, at a Japanerous? (not sure of the spelling). They got good food, not to mention they are Zagat Rated resto. I wanted to do a lil shoe shopping around but I had to go to work at night so off we went back home after wondering around that area. Would love to do some shopping there when I get a chance, probably with friends I know who live in Sugarland.

So, now it's set up and working as good as it is. Hubby is pretty much contented and happy with it. Which of course makes me happy too! :-)

And now I'm getting sleepy. I just got off work btw, and I have to have my sleeping beauty before I go to work at the office about lunch time.

Bye for now~

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