Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Cyclist Fan

Yes, I sure am! Ever since my world begun, I've known my dad as an athletic person, a great artist painter, a wonderful husband to my mom and a dear father to the four of us. Cycling is one of the many hobbies he have. And I know by heart that he also admire Lance Armstrong through all his cycling years even until this very moment.

While I was growing up, whenever I see my dad riding his racer bike, I noticed that it's very valuable to him. Never I saw his bike a dirt and it always been stored in our living room (since we didn't have any extra utility room then.) I've been a witnessed (and still a witness) how he loves cycling, how he adore Lance Armstrong as a cyclist, how he appreciates and admire any cyclists he know that has a good cycling record, all those things including marathon and being a mountain biker. And one thing I notice, dad has always been a very tactful person. He makes sure that he won't hurt somebody's feeling. Which I don't agree sometimes, him being that way, coz one time he ended up being hurt by somebody who he thought was a good individual.

Whenever there's a cycling competition in our place, almost all cyclists that goes into town to participate stays at our house. They know dad well enough to feel comfortable staying at our little "tirahan". They do the same thing with my dad in return whenever there's cycling competition in the area where they live. Dad have been to many places in the Philippines because of his cycling hobby, he competes most of the time.

During dinner, he always talks about Lance Armstrong, how successful he was in his cycling competition. He even have a record of Lance' races. Especially when Lance became the back to back champion in cycling for 7 years. Very amazing!

Now that I'm here in Texas, I'm hoping that I would meet him in person and take picture with him and send it off to my father as a very special gift. If only I can do that right this moment, I would. That'll be a very nice father's day gift to him. I wish! But looks like Lance is pretty busy with Kate these days, lol!

Everytime I see a cyclist on the road, it reminds me of my dad. And how I wish that my family is here with me so I don't have to miss them this bad, ya know? But well, life it is! I'm looking forward to bring that gift to my dad when we go back home, hopefully. I've been loving cycling all these times. My father trained my younger brother to be like him and I can see that he's pretty much successful about it, which of course makes me feel so proud. Little brother has now a good record too, in cycling. I am also proud of Lance Armstrong (though he doesn't know me at all, lol!)

Uh oh! Didn't realize the time, it is now past 2:00 o'clock in the morning. I better end this before falling asleep on my desk.
Here he is being a cycling champ!


Borneo Falcon said...

I cycling too but more for leisure, not so much as race biker.

Pangit said...

Cycling is good! :-)