Saturday, June 7, 2008

2008 June 7th

Alright! It's the weekend and I slept as much as I could, then woke up about 11:30a.m. And decided to do what I've been itching to do about my hair, LOL! Been thinking to do this for a month now but got no time to do so. I always have long & black straight hair all my life, without bangs. Hmmm, maybe once (with bangs) when I was in my mid teens. But I hated it because I looked too young! I've been wanting to reach in my 30's even this time. So, I'm still waiting for that, got 4-5 more years to go, lol!

So, today..... I was determine to have a new haircut when I woke up and told my husband that's what I'm going to do for today, aside from making delivery to my Avon customers. So, there I went! :D I was so excited to see the result, haha! I didn't care how will I look, I just wanted to have bangs this time, maybe for a new look? MAYBE SO! :-) I am everybody's friend in the salon where I went, they are also my Avon customers and they appreciated my new look. And I am very uncomfortable coz, I can see and feel something strange now when I look up, LOL! But well, I can't take it back, it's already cut, hehe! My husband said, he likes it coz it's cute, new look for his wife. So, I think I should like it too now, shouldn't I?

Ok, enough about hair now. We are invited to a friend's birthday today and hubby is not going with me coz we have a couple's friend coming over too, to have some grilled meat night, they said! :-) But I'll help a little before I go, hehe! I don't plan on staying late at the party, coz "ako ay sleepy na". Wanna have a very good long beauty sleep tonight before tomorrow church' service.

I'm hoping for everybody to have a nice saturday evening. We'll catch up on cbox msgs when I get a chance. I'm still working on my blog and trying to do some things to make it more presentable, hehe!

Good afternoon everyone! I'll see you when I get home! :-)

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chel said...

hi sis, thanks for adding my blogs here...I am adding you now on my blogs