Saturday, February 23, 2008

Wonderful Saturday

I finally got my sleep last night about 4am (it's morning, hello!), after exploring this blog thing. My husband woke up about 7:30 in the morning and heard him gathering all the trash so I got up and help him do it, it's "trash day" today, so gotta get that big trash can on the street before the truck comes. I was still sleepy after doing that, so I got on the bed and told my husband to wake me up after about couple of hours. But I negotiated one more hour so I finally got up about 11:20am, hehehe! Had to rush and go to the bank to deposit my Avon money before it closed.

And boy, it's kinda chilly but it sure is wonderful today! I see the sun is shining which makes the weather more beautiful. God, I wish we always have sun during winter season but I know I couldn't have it, so poor huh! It's perfect to drive around today, just drive and feel the sun, ya know! It feels like it's really the weekend, our surroundings are so quiet, you can only hear the wind chimes and very few vehicle passing by.

Gotta do some clean-up in the house, of course. But I'm taking my time and played pacman a couple of times, hehe. Oh laundry also, yes! Need to clear up the laundry bins, boy looks like I really have to get busy now.

We'll take a walk or a short drive later this afternoon. Then, I'll finish my house chores when we get home.

Have a wonderful saturday y'all!!

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